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Mahesh Dhakal, Nepal Ambassador of the World’s Best of Gastronomy

12 May, Kathmandu | One after another, the wave of success and excellence has started to be maintained in the hospitality sector of Nepal. Nepal has also been selected as the Country Ambassador of Best of Gastronomy, a special post given to Chefs who working in the field of hospitality in the world.

Master Chef Mahesh has been selected as the Country Ambassador from the Head office of Best of Gastronomy, France. Dhakal was selected from the best Chefs from 100 countries around the world.

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Master Chefs Dhakal and 15 other Nepali chefs from different countries have joined this organization.

The recipe of some Nepali food presented by Chef Dhakal and other chefs, that’s will publish in the International cookbook in 2021. H is Highly respected in the field of food and beverage of the world.

Master Chef Dhakal will be instrumental in making the taste and dishes of Modern Nepali food known all over the world. Mahesh Raj Dhakal, who worked as the Culinary Director at the Mystic Mountain Hotel in Nagarkot, is currently in Australia.

Prior to this, Dhakal became the Chief Executive Chef at a young age and worked at the five-star hotel Shangrila Kathmandu. Dhakal is known all over the world as a miracle worker who has done pioneering work in the field of Culinary.

Apart from that, Dhakal is also the first Nepali to receive the Worldwide Hospitality Award 2015 from France.



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