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Er. Kandel Appreciates Immediate Response from Yogesh Bhattarai

Yogesh Bhattarai Plans to Reopen Duty-Free at TIA after Er. Kandel’s Concerns

KATHMANDU, NEPAL, 06, NOV 2019: Yogesh Bhattarai’s ministry has stated that they will proceed to reopen duty-free facilities at arrivals at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA).

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This statement was made after Er. Dipendra Kandel had a press conference on 4 November calling for the removal of the CEO of Nepal Airlines. This request was made due to Nepal Airlines falsifying information regarding having a duty-free at both arrivals and departures. It is the case that there is a duty-free at departures only.

Er. Kandel also asked for H.E the Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister, Yogesh Bhattarai, to formulate and implement plans to have duty-free facilities at TIA.

The Office of Dipendra Kandel is happy to hear that the Minister has now intensified plans for there to be duty-free facilities at arrivals. We thank the Minister for his quick response to Er. Kandel’s request as he hopes to see such facilities before the beginning of Nepal 2020, the countries attempt to promote international tourism.



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