Driver in Dominican Republic caught carrying 18 passengers in a 5-seater car

South Africa holds the record for the most overloaded mini-taxi in history. Way back in 2009, a driver from Khayelitsha in Cape Town managed to squeeze 112 passengers into mini-van that should only had a maximum of 26 passengers. The shocking scenario became a viral topic on social media and urged the local authorities to become more strict in ensuring everyone’s safety. However, despite the constant warning of the traffic enforcers to stop this kind of practice, a lot of drivers in Dominican Republic are still brave enough to break the law. Such is the case of this driver over here who really tried to compress 18 people inside a supposedly 5-seater car.

Officers on duty who saw the car in an unknown street in Africa pulled them over and asked the passengers to move out. Much to their surprise, they found out that the car is overloaded! Aside from the driver and the man in the front seat, there are still 11 passengers at the back (1 woman, 1 child), and 5 other men squeezing themselves inside the car’s trunk. Wow! The question now, how did they manage to fit in there?

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