Male get’s attracted to the good figures female’s!

Why male get’s attracted to the female’s good body structure?

The most common and straight answer to the above question i got is “because men are naughty”.

The next question is what made the male so naughty?

There were mixed answers and the most common answers were  ”because of girls figure and beauty” and “men are like that by nature”.

What kind of women figures do men like?

Most common answer was “coke like figure” some answered “zero figure” and few “fit and healthy figure.

kim_kardashian_bikiniI also thought for a while for the questions above and found my own answers. The men get attracted to the female body because life on earth is designed to continue generation of it’s own species and male and female chemistry is needed without which the generation couldn’t be continued.

Men are naughty and women are shy in nature because each of the characteristics of the male and female are made by nature so that they could breed and give a better health, care and protection to their upcoming generation. And the answer to the third question is almost in the answer in the answer of first and second question. Men’s like such a women figure that makes the women to give birth to the young ones  easily and that’s the coke figure. And medical science has already proved the above fact.


The conclusion is men and women are attracted to each other through different factors but with a one reason to continue their generation. And the science already proved that all the characteristics that men and women want in each other is knowingly and unknowingly related to the future circumstances that might face in the future.


And one of the friend asked me why men gets attracted to the female butt?

Carmen_Electra_11The answer I found was it’s women who gets more attracted to the men’s butt than the men to the female butt. The reason behind this was already answered by science long before. In the ancient times the strong and healthy body of male and female was the major factor for the choosing the opposite sexes and there was nothing called income, intellectualism and personal background.


Moscow-Auto-Show-2010-girls21The butts are the symbol of human health, strength and specifically how much one can run and many more. So we are attracted to the butt of opposite sexes but now we have other factors like money, mind and background to be concerned for and we are attracted accordingly.



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Sano Pasal

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