Hrithik Roshan to install gym in new house?

Bollywood hunk Hrithik Roshan is known not only for his good looks, but also his enviable body. The star has bought a pad in Juhu. It was said a few months back that he will soon be shifting into it and be a neighbor to none other than Khiladi Akshay Kumar. Well Hrithik who is to move into a third floor apartment in Prime Beach, is waiting for the flat’s renovation to complete. The fitness freak is also installing a gymnasium in it.

As per sources, Hrithik has decided to convert two bedrooms into a Gymnasium for his personal use in the new home. Well when you have a body like Hrithik’s, it is but obvious that the exercise area will be earmarked special, the actor has brought down a wall between two. This is where his gymnasium will come up. Along with Gym Hrithik is also converting one of the bedrooms fro his sons Hredaan and Hrehaan.

sources further added that, Even in Duggu’s family home, where he currently resides, the gym on the terrace is equipped like a professional one. The Roshan family bond big time there. It is all due to Hrithik’s insistence that his mom has shed kilos and looks quite fit now.

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